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Hey you, welcome to my world. Pushing my artistic abilities and spreading some good creativity in this world is my thing. I think we forget to notice sometimes, and that’s were the passion dies. As a creative I try to notice every detail around me. I know there is always a spark of inspiration around the corner if we just look harder. So welcome and let’s notice more together and create some good stuff, the world needs it. The facts: I'm currently a hybrid Designer/Art Director at 24/7 Laundry Service where I get to do what I love working on brands like SkinCeuticals, Tic Tac, Beats By Dre, Kérastase, Weight Watchers and European Wax Center, just to name a few. Personal project? Freelance work? Count me in. Art and good design makes the world better, so let's keep crafting.

CLIO - Bronze - #AxThePinkTax European Wax Center  ︎


p. 787 . 354 . 9197

Visual Addict - Designer - Art Director
Brooklyn, Ny