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Zest soap is dropping it’s new line of Body Washes and Bar Soaps. Our campaign focuses on the feelings each of the new body washes evoke. With some sweet ASMR #content, evocative textures and sounds we want to turn your showers into sensorial experiences you can’t get enough of. Below you can walk into the sensorial world of #Zest with the :30 sec pre-roll I created along with the supporting ig stories and social content.

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turn sound on for a better experience ︎

Brand launch           
social content, video editing, visual and ecommerce design for Zest

Art Director: Katie Davis
Copywriter: Adam Lichtenstein
Designer + Video/Sound Editor: Myself / Ana Dorta-Duque

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some mmmm and some tssss goodness 

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turn sound on for a better experience ︎

Visual Addict - Designer - Art Director
Brooklyn, Ny